Steps with Theera

Steps with Theera

Not often you walk in a cafe and receive a vibe of calmness, inclusiveness and a great positive atmosphere.

 Well, I can say that Max and Uang have totally created this with their cafe in Ekamai Soi 10. 
Didn’t know about it existence before I walked in, but this place deserves some special attention. Steps with Theera is not just a cafe, it’s a place where young adults in Bangkok receive help and training, providing work experience opportunities for those that could use this little bit of extra help. With positive results in their cafe and various market stalls, the team at Steps with Theera connecting with other businesses willing to to offer employment opportunities to their students. 

Both Max and Uang have family members with autism, which of course puts them very close to the facts that many people still think people with special needs (including autism) will not be able to work. But with their dedication, love and hard work it proves otherwise, their trainees being a part of their success.

Now, I did say that this is an cafe. So, what about the coffee and food?

Well, the cappuccino I ordered was great, good taste, nice foam, and very nicely served. 

The food I haven’t tried yet, but looking at the menu…. I’m sure I will be here one of these days for breakfast or lunch, or even dinner. There is a great breakfast range of eggs in any style with toast, smoked salmon, spinach and the lot. Pancakes and granola are also on the list. There soups and salads for lunch and dinner, vegetarian and meaty dishes as main dinners, and a fantastic ‘waffles, pancakes and desserts’ list. 

The cafe it self is warm and cosy. There is a table for a big group of people, some smaller tables and a higher bar type seats next to the windows. Upstairs there are two rooms for rent, both with aircon, one with projector and the lot. Knowing that with every purchase we support employment opportunities for people with autism makes it all complete. 
So next time you around Ekamai and need a coffee? Visit Steps with Theera, they really do a great thing, serving very nice coffee and food, and could use your support to keep them going.

Steps with Theera, 29/8 Ekamai Soi 10, 02-3816590




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