Pork in Thonglor

Pork in Thonglor

In the western world people ask if you doing well, in Thailand that translates into ‘have you eaten yet’ – and yes, this is just one of the references that indicates that Thai do like their food. 

So today we visited one of our favourite street food stalls in Thonglor, “Khao kha moo Je Dang” which specialises in Khao kha Moo, stewed pork leg withrice. The owner Je Dang, is always here and making sure you get a top quality meal. It’s usually busy, and runs from early mornings until they run out, mostly about 4pm. 

There are several ways to order the dish, but we usually get one bowl with bits of stewed pork leg with an egg and some vegetables and a plate with some steamed rice. There several spices on the table – fresh green & red chillies, small (thai) garlic and various sauces.  (Be aware the green chillies might look small, but are deadly spicy !).  As with Thai street food, it’s – bargain – 45 bath for a portion. And that comes with free water. 







To enjoy, simply combine some of the pork and broth on your rice, peel a clove of garlic and maybe add a little bit of chilli. Easy. 

So next time you around Thonglor and are hungry, remember this little gem. 

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