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Welcome to HelloYuri.com, my little place in this digital world where I share some of  my adventures and passions.  

Dutch from origin, I lived the last 10 years or so in Australia and for a little while in  Thailand. The Netherlands is fantastic, but  I must admit I’m hooked to the Australian lifestyle and climate. 

Since young age I have been fiddling with electronics, computers and anything mechanical. This eventually resulted in doing a B-Eng in Electronics, Compute Science and Telecommunications at the Rijswijk Institute for Technology. It has been a good choice for me, as it gives me a great set of tools to do what I enjoy doing and being good at. With many years technical and management jobs with large international companies I currently specialise in IT Service Delivery Management, bringing company and customer together and making sure that the customer is actually getting value out of the services delivered to them. What can I say, I like to be that man in the middle. Saying this I still do like anything technical and  so won’t shy away from any Technical Project Management roles which need that technical person in me.  When I have time at home, you will most of the time find me with a spanner or other tool in my hand, either fixing or making something. It’s great to have “two right hands” and some imagination. 

Traveling. Diving. Photography.  My 3 passions, that make me tick.  

Traveling is probably my biggest passion. Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, discovering new food and making new friends so thrilling. I have seen the majority of Europe, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and a little bit of the US. The list of countries to visit is still long. My no-1 destination must be SE Asia. I’ve been lucky that my work allowed me to travel countless times to Malaysia, which gave me the opportunity to discover Malaysia and most of the countries surrounding it. Currently try to visit SE Asia at least once a year for a 2-week backpacking trip with one of my best mates – Visiting Asia like this is just epic and can’t recommend other people enough to do the same. 

Diving and Photography. Share my 2nd best passion list. On most dives you will find me carrying my camera. Underwater Photography is something that is both challenging, but also very rewarding. More about my diving here

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, like one of my pictures or just like to catch up, (use the contact form here




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